Ryder V I S I O N
Welcome to the modern world of parenting, where video can be shared across the interweb minutes after it is shot. All videos in Windows Media file format (.wmv), and average roughly 2mb/minute.

Walk This Way Weeks after his first steps, and with few steps in between, Ryder decided he was ready to walk.
Walker One [490kb]
Walker Two [236kb]

Swing Time Ryder "chills" while Greg & Michele enjoy breakfast. A typical morning at the Quiroga breakfast table.
Swingtime [1.91mb]

Holidays 2005 Ryder's first Christmas, unwrapped. The next best thing to us being there, we promise.
Holiday 2005 [8.45mb]

Nose-Eater Ryder discovers his father's nose. And what better way to experience the world as a babe, than through your mouth?
noseater [711kb]

Giggle Reel Ryder lets loose with a barrage of belly laughs, while his mom eats his tummy.
giggles [433kb]

Sleepsmile is a minute of Ryder cracking up in his sleep. It's pretty darn cute, but not really for the faint of heart.
Sleepsmile [1.06mb]

Nakedtime is Ryder's favorite time of day, whenever it may strike. He is most happy and giggly when all of his clothes are stripped off. This video catches a minute and a half of him partying down on his blankie. Look for his wink about 50 seconds into it. Absolutely priceless.
Nakedtime [2.48 mb]



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