Michele Julien and Greg Quiroga: On June 21, 2003, Michele and Greg gathered with an intimate group of their closest friends and relatives to celebrate their love. This site was originally built for that day. The Big Day:
[Before the Ceremony]
          [The Ceremony]
          [The Reception]
          [Formal Portraits]

Lisa & Dya: After getting hitched at Burning Man, 2004, Lisa and Dya had a reception at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga on September 18. The month before, we showered Lisa with affection...and teapots.
          [High tea] [Shower]

Adrian & Diedre's Reception: Wed in the desert at Burning Man, 2004, Adrian and Diedre celebrated their wedded bliss and renewed their vows on September 19th, 2004. We all partied down with them at the STUD, where they met.

Alan & Shirley: In 2002 Greg's uncle Alan wed his beloved Shirley in an intimate ceremony in the Sierra Nevada foothills. The whole family was there, and we mean the whole family.
          [Alan & Shirley]

Jeremy & Annette: In July of 2001 Greg's brother Jeremy wed his beloved Annette. We got there early to rehearse our roles, and enjoy a great wedding.
[rehearsal] [wedding] [words]

Wedding Bells: In June of 2001 our good friend Devo announced to the world that Jenna is The One.
[Wedding Bells]



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