Japan-- At the end of May, 2004, we spent 13 days and nights visiting Tokyo, Kamakura, Kyoto, Nara and Nikko. We also took lots of pictures.

Wally's Hot Springs, 2004 -- Wally's Hot Springs is nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains that form the Tahoe Basin. It offers luxurious tubs, amazing views, a good restaurant, and a storied history -- all the ingredients for a romantic getaway weekend.

Mexico -- On June 21, 2003, we gathered with an intimate group of our closest friends and relatives to celebrate our love for one another. As soon as the ceremony was over, and the familial dust had settled, we split town for Mexico. Whoever thought of the honeymoon was a genius, an absolute genius.

Kentucky, 2001-- When Jeremy and Annette got married in Louisville, Kentucky, we got to spend five days exploring. In many ways, it was a surprising trip.
[Kentucky '01]

Miami, 2001-- Greg's family on his father's side all live in Miami. Hey, after Castro took over, where would you have gone? We try to visit as often as we can, and Christmas 2001 was our first trip to Miami together.
[Miami '01]

Seattle -- Greg's brother Jeremy lived in Seattle for over three years. With only weeks to go before Jeremy and his then-fiance Annette moved to Oregon, Michele and Greg took their second flight together.
[Seattle '01]


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